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Bowl of Cereal Gravity Cake

The ideal cake for the serial cereal lover! Choose your loved one’s favorite crispy treat to customize an amazing cake that will be the talking point of any party!


  • Balloon Stick

  • 7-inch (18cm) silicone cupcake mold (31/2inches/9cm deep)

  • Three 18-gauge wires

  • Mini cereal box to match your chosen cereal

  • Plastic spoon


  • Cake baked in cupcake mold

  • 12/3 cups + 4 tbsp (460 mL) candy melts

  • 12/2 cups (375mL) butter icing

  • 1oz (30g) white fondant

  • 6tbsp (90mL) royal icing mix

  • 2 cups (500mL) cereal



Carefully remove the cooled cake from the cupcake mold and cut around the edges of the cake to trim off about 1/2 inch (1cm) from the diameter. Clean and dry the mood thoroughly.

  1. Melt 1cup (250mL) candy melts and pour into the cupcake told, rotating it to evenly coat the bottom and sides in candy. Refrigerate for 15 minutes of until the candy is solid. Repeat with another 2/3cup (150mL) candy wafers.

  2. Gently peel back the old to release the candy bowl. Trim around the edges of the bowl to create a neat finish, if necessary.

  3. Melt 1tbsp (15mL) candy wafers, attach the balloon stick to the centre of the candy bowl and let set.

  4. Coat the inside of the candy bowl with icing. Centre the trimmed cake over the balloon stick and slide it down the stick. Coat the top of the cake with icing.

  5. Slide the 18-gauge wires down inside the balloon stick and trim the stick and wires to the height of the cereal box plus about 7 inches (18cm) from the top of the cake. Bend the stick to a natural pouring angle.

  6. Working from the top down, told the fondant around the portion of the stick that will not be covered by the cereal box.

  7. In a small bowl, combine total icing mix and 4tbsp (60mL) water. Pour over the cake, spreading it right to the edges of the bowl.

  8. Arrange cereal flakes in the royal icing mixture to look like they are floating in milk. Make sure to leave some of the icing mixture uncovered.

  9. Melt 3tbsp (45mL) candy melts and, using the remaining candy as glue, attach the remaining cereal flakes to the fondant on the stick.

  10. Push the plastic spoon into the cake. Slide the cereal box down the balloon stick, making sure the front is featured.

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