The Cookies and Milk

Gravity Cake! 

For a delicious alternative to a gravity cake, we introduce....the gravity cookie!! 


  • Balloon stick

  • 12-inch (30cm) round cake board

  • Three 18-gauge wires

  • lightweight plastic cup

  • Thick piece of clear tape

  • Rolling pin  


  • 1tbsp (15mL) candy melts

  • 2 cups (500mL) vanilla butter icing

  • Four 8-inch (20cm) chocolate chip cookies, cooled

  • 7oz (200g) white fondant 

  • Small bowl of water 



  1. Centre the first cookie over the stick and slide it down the stick. Smother the top of the cookie with icing so it oozes over the edges. Repeat with the second and third cookies. centre and slide the fourth cookie down the stick. 

  2. Slide the 18-gauge wires down inside the balloon stick and trim the exposed wires above the stick to a length that will reach halfway inside the plastic cup. Bend the exposed wires to a pouring angle. 

  3. Working from the top down, mold 2oz (60g) white fondant around the balloon stick. 

  4. Tape the exposed wires to the inside of the plastic cup. Gently fold a small piece of fondant over the tapes and wires, blending it down to the fondant on the stick. 

  5. Using the rolling pin, roll out 1oz (30g) fondant until thin and smooth. Cut out a loose splotch shape. Use the remaining fondant to create small drops and long, thin streams of milk. 

  6. Cut a slit halfway down the middle of the splotch shape and place it around the balloon stick on top of the cookie, molding it into place and blending the seams with your fingers. 

  7. Dampen the splotch with water and attached the streams and some of the drops so that they appear to be flowing from it, blending any visible seams. 

  8. Using water as glue, attache a few fondant drops to the cake board.