Strawberry Freakshake



  • 2tbsp white candy wafers

  • 240g vanilla ice cream

  • 2 1/3cups whole milk

  • 1 donut and various sprinkle toppings

  • AMOUNT sprinkles

  • Whipped cream



  • Milkshake mug

  • Funky straw


  1. Melt 2tbsp white candy wafers and spread around the rim of your milkshake glass using the back of a spoon 

  2. Roll the rim of the milkshake glass into a bowl of sprinkles until the white chocolate is completely    covered  

  3. Blend the ice cream and milk together to create your milkshake HOW LONG? 

  4.  Squeeze a healthy drizzle of strawberry sauce down the sides of the glass. Allow the sauce to drip down to the bottom and smother the base of the glass with sauce 

  5. Carefully pour the milkshake into your glass  

  6. Carefully place your donut on top of the glass and smother with whipped cream   

  7. Smother the donut with whipped cream!  

  8. Place half your candy pieces on top of the whipped cream and drizzle with strawberry sauce 

  9. Add the remaining sprinkles and candy to top off your freakshake!