Jakki and Francesca are childhood best friends who fulfilled their dream of writing a book full of jaw-dropping creations! While their books focuses on out-of-this world gravity cakes, they continue to create fun and unique recipes and tutorials to share with their followers! 

Jakki Friedman is a passionate and creative pastry chef who runs a successful baking business in Manchester England. Over the last several years, Jakki has been specializing in gravity cakes for a huge number of clients along with regular demonstrations for a growing demand of people eager to learn her secrets. She is also a mother to her two gorgeous kids, Gabby and Leo! 

Francesca Librae is currently working as an international reporter for Express Newspaper Group in New Orleans, Louisiana where she covers a variety of international showbiz and hard news stories in the media group and beyond. 

The inspiration for creating 'Gravity Cakes: Create 45 Amazing Cakes' is Francesca and Jakki's friendship: they've embraced this book as an opportunity to keep the ties of their friendship together despite living so far apart.